The Increasing Popularity of Live Betting

popularity of live bettingInterest in sports betting has been growing in recent years. With the advance of technology, the quality of streaming has improved and betting sites in India have developed more betting tools. All of this has affected and increased interest in live betting. Here we’ll analyse what’s so special about online sports betting.

What is live betting?

Also known as in-play, live bets are those placed during the course of an event. In other words, bettors place their wagers on sporting events that have already started. Unlike traditional betting, where all bets are placed before the start of the event, live betting sites offer the opportunity to bet on different aspects of the game during the course of the match.

What sports do live betting sites offer in India?

India is a fertile ground for live sports betting. Events like the Indian Premier League (IPL), which have decisive and unpredictable moments, are particularly suitable for this type of betting. But there are many championships and sports where you can bet live on sports betting sites.

  • Cricket – Undoubtedly the most popular sport in India, with many live betting markets, especially during the IPL and other international tournaments.
  • Football – Interest in football has grown a lot and with it the options for betting online, with a focus on the European leagues as well as the Indian Super League.
  • Horse racingOne of the most traditional sports in betting, with a long history, a dedicated fan base and some specialised markets to choose from.
  • Grass hockey – Another traditionally strong sport in India, with plenty of live betting opportunities during national and international competitions.
  • Ice hockey – This is a well-known sport, as the country frequently takes part in high-level international competitions.
  • Badminton – Popular for both playing and betting, given India’s strong presence on the world badminton scene.
  • Tennis – With tournaments throughout the year, tennis offers plenty of opportunities for live betting.
  • Kabaddi – A traditional Indian sport that has gained prominence with the Pro Kabaddi League.
  • Basketball – The NBA has a large fan base in India, which is reflected in the interest in betting and the betting markets for live betting.
  • Motor sports – Including Formula 1 and MotoGP, these attract bettors interested in speed and technical competition.

Why are live bets so attractive?

This type of sports betting offers a whole new dynamic for the bettor. And there are many advantages to this type of betting.

Immersion and immediate interaction

Live betting increases spectators’ interaction with the event, which makes the experience of watching sport more immersive. After all, the events of the game will affect betting decisions.

Decisions based on live action

Rather than just predicting what will happen, bettors have the advantage of placing bets based on how the game is unfolding. This can be a more advantageous strategy than pre-match predictions, especially if the bettor has a lot of knowledge about the sport.

Technology and access

With the advance of live streaming technologies and mobile applications, bettors can watch matches and bet from anywhere, all via the live betting site.

Is it worth betting live on betting sites in India?

Live betting continues to evolve, as more and more betting sites are trying to offer more betting markets and more features to improve the bettor’s experience. Although it’s more suited to the avid sports fan, live sports betting has managed to attract more and more sports fans in the country.

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