Growth of The Online Sports Betting Market in India

online sports betting market

The online sports betting market in India is being driven by the national passion for sports. This, combined with technological advances and increased connectivity, is the perfect sum. In this article, we’ll take a look at why sports betting sites are so successful in the country.

Growth factors for online sports betting in India

For a market to grow, there must be a series of factors that make it happen. It’s the same with the online betting market in India. Here are the main factors:

Increasing internet reach

With more than 560 million internet users, India is one of the largest internet markets in the world. Increasing accessibility and lower data costs have allowed more people to participate in online sports betting.

Popularity of mobile devices

Access to affordable smartphones and better 4G connectivity have facilitated access to online betting platforms, allowing users to place bets from anywhere and at any time.

Passion for sports

Cricket, followed by sports such as football and badminton, has a fervent fan base. Major events such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Cricket World Cup are big draws for betting in the country.

Young and dynamic market

India’s young demographic, with an average age of 29, is technically experienced and open to new forms of online entertainment, including sports betting.

Technological innovation

Betting platforms are constantly improving their offerings with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms to enhance the user experience.

Most popular features and tools at online betting sites

Features that improve players’ betting experience is another of the attractions of online betting sites that has affected their growth. The best are:


  • Mobile apps: Most sites offer dedicated apps for Android and iOS.
  • Live streaming: Platforms that offer live streaming of sporting events attract more users.
  • Early cash out: Functionality that allows you to finalise a bet before the event ends.
  • Bet Builder: A tool that allows you to create your own bets by combining different markets from a single game.
  • Augmented and virtual reality: Use of AR and VR to enhance the visual experience of betting, offering an immersion similar to that of being at a live event.
  • 24/7 customer support: Availability of customer support via live chat, telephone and e-mail.
  • Personalised promotions and bonuses: Personalised offers based on the user’s betting behaviour.
  • Sports tips and analyses: Provision of in-depth analyses and betting tips by experts.

The legality of online betting in India

Although online betting is not regulated in most Indian states, betting sites can operate in the grey areas. International betting sites with reputable licences and regulation can operate in the country without any problems, as long as they accept the local currency.

Sports betting market is thriving in India

The online sports betting market in India will definitely continue its growth path. The country is fertile ground for online betting sites and has a large online sports betting fan base.


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