Sunil Chhetri Announces Retirement: Last Match for India National Team Will be on June 6

Sunil Chhetri

Last Thursday, one of the greatest legends of Indian football, Sunil Chhetri, declared his retirement from international tournaments. The announcement was made through a video posted on social media, where Chhetri shared his decision visibly emotional. He confirms that he’ll say goodbye at the FIFA World Cup. Their last match will be in the qualifiers on June 06, against Kuwait, in Kolkata.

An Indian football icon

Sunil Chhetri is not just a football player; he is an icon, an inspiration to millions of young people in India. His international football career spans almost two decades. During these years, he stood out for his skills on the field, his leadership and his unwavering dedication. Chhetri took on the captain’s armband of the national team in 2011, and has been a key pillar of the team ever since.

Chhetri’s brilliant career

Chhetri was born in Secunderabad on August 3, 1984. His professional career began in 2002 with Mohun Bagan, one of the oldest clubs in India. His ability to score goals quickly attracted attention. Therefore, the athlete played for several Indian and international clubs, including the Kansas City Wizards in Major League Soccer (MLS). However, it was with the Indian team that Chhetri really made his mark.

Sunil Chhetri revealed that he has decided to finish his journey with the India team. At 39 years old, the veteran understood that his time had come to an end after 94 goals in 150 games for the national team. His ability to position himself well on the field, his speed, and his precision in finishing made him a constant threat to opposing defenders.

Achievements and legacy

Throughout his career, Chhetri has won numerous titles and awards. He has been fundamental for India in various editions of the SAFF Cup, helping them win the tournament in 2011 and 2015. Additionally, he led India to their historic 2019 Asian Cup qualifying campaign, where the team made an impressive display.

His impact on Indian football goes beyond his achievements on the field. Chhetri is widely recognized for his professionalism and work ethic. Also, he is an active voice in promoting football in India, frequently participating in initiatives to develop the sport in the country. And with its growing popularity, football is also becoming a favourite on betting sites. Platforms with great odds, such as 1xBet, offer excellent markets.

Retirement announcement

The announcement of Chhetri’s retirement was met with an outpouring of emotions from fans, colleagues, and football personalities. In his farewell video, he thanked everyone who supported him throughout his career, from coaches and teammates to passionate fans. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to represent India at so many levels. Furthermore, he also promised to do his best in the last match against Kuwait.

“It is with a heavy heart, but with many wonderful memories, that I announce my retirement from international football,” said Chhetri. “The match against Kuwait will be my last wearing the India jersey, and I hope to make this a memorable occasion for all of us.”

The future of Indian football without Chhetri

Sunil Chhetri’s retirement marks the end of an era for Indian football. His absence will be deeply felt both on the field and off it. However, he leaves behind a legacy for the next generation of players.

Indian football is at a crucial juncture of growth and development. Chhetri’s impact on the sport will continue to inspire young talents. His career serves as a testament to what can be achieved with dedication, passion and hard work. And with the future paved for football in the country, and these and other sports are in great demand for online betting. Therefore, consider visiting 22xBet, one of the best betting sites.

Farewell and tribute

Chhetri’s final match against Kuwait promises to be an emotional occasion. Fans from across the country and the world are eager to see the legend in action one last time. The stadium in Kolkata is expected to be packed, with thousands in attendance to pay tribute to their hero.

All India Football Federation (AIFF) plans to organize events to celebrate Chhetri’s career, including a special ceremony before the start of the match. Former teammates, coaches, and football personalities should be present to contribute.

Chhetri’s impact on the development of football in India

Throughout his career, Sunil Chhetri played a vital role in the development and popularization of football in India. In a country where cricket dominates the sporting scene, Chhetri has managed to capture the attention and hearts of millions of football fans. This elevated the sport to a new level of visibility and prestige.

Promoting football at grassroots level

One of Chhetri’s most significant contributions was his involvement in grassroots programs. He participates in football clinics and youth events, where he shares his experience and wisdom with the next generation of players. Chhetri firmly believes that the future of Indian football depends on young talent and has been an active advocate for the creation of football infrastructure and academies across the country.

Popularizing football in the social media

Chhetri’s social media presence and interaction with fans also helped popularize football in India. With millions of followers, he uses his platforms to promote the sport, share updates and inspire young players.

Influence on the growth of the Indian Super League (ISL)

The creation of the Indian Super League (ISL) in 2014 was a major milestone for Indian football, and Chhetri played a crucial role in it. As one of the league’s stars, he helped raise the ISL’s profile, attracting national and international attention. Many fans have also started to bet online on the league, and one of the best website options is Bettlit.

Indian football ambassador

Chhetri is a true ambassador for Indian football. He has represented India on various international platforms, promoting his talent but also the potential of the sport. His ability to communicate with international audiences and his performance in global competitions have helped put India on the world football map.


Sunil Chhetri is more than a football player; he is an ambassador for sports in India. A true icon, as previously said. His phenomenal career, marked by goals, victories and leadership, inspired a generation and boosted Indian football. While his retirement marks the end of an era, Chhetri’s legacy will live on in fans’ memories.

Football says goodbye to Chhetri on June 6, but his name will be remembered with reverence and gratitude, and his impact will continue to be felt for many years to come.

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