In India, Celebrities Promote Offshore Gambling Platforms and are Repressed by The Government

Celebrities Promote Gambling

In recent years, the online gambling industry has grown exponentially across the world, and India is no exception. However, along with growth comes significant challenges, particularly in relation to the promotion of offshore gambling operators by celebrities and influencers.

In response to this trend, the government of India has stepped up its efforts to regulate this practice. The aim is to ensure that consumers are protected from illegal operators and the adverse consequences of uncontrolled gambling. Recently, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued a new notice highlighting the ban on advertisements from illegal gambling operators, which marks an important step in this direction.

Indian government measures

Under the current system, the Indian government has the ability to issue notices to intermediaries. This includes social media platforms in order to remove posts that advertise illegal gambling operators. In other words, any content that promotes such activities can be quickly removed from the air, minimizing its exposure to the public.

Furthermore, celebrities and influencers who are found promoting these operators may face legal action under the Consumer Protection Act 2019. Penalties can range from deactivation of social media accounts to more severe criminal action.

The warning issued by the Ministry highlighted the “significant financial and socio-economic implications of online betting” as one of the main reasons for not promoting offshore operators. The government is particularly concerned about the negative impact these activities may have on citizens, especially those most vulnerable to financial and behavioural problems arising from gambling.

Action by the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA)

This recent warning is not an isolated action. The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) also recently published a warning against celebrity gambling advertising. This action came after a notable increase in illegal gambling influencer marketing. The CCPA highlighted that influencers who promote gambling give the impression that gambling is an acceptable activity, even when it is illegal. As a result, celebrities are held “equally responsible” for the offence.

The CCPA has issued multiple warnings to social media platforms, speaking out against promoting betting platforms. This proactive approach aims to reduce the visibility and appeal of these illegal activities, thereby protecting the public.

The Public Gambling Act of 1867 still declares non-skill-based gambling to be illegal in most regions of India, making it crucial that public figures avoid promoting such activities. Therefore, it is essential to understand the laws and know which platforms operate legally. Bettilt, for example, is very popular and legal in many regions of India.

Impact of measures on the gambling market in India

The gambling market in India is vast and diverse, with a growing number of online gamblers. In January, the Indian government published new rules to regulate online gambling.

The published rules state that any online game offered must not violate existing laws. Among the proposals are the creation of self-regulatory entities, composed of online gaming companies, which would be responsible for creating rules and guaranteeing the protection of players.

These entities would play a crucial role in areas such as protecting gamers from harm, preventing gaming addiction, mitigating financial crimes and protecting children. However, despite these regulations, a recent study revealed that only a small percentage of online gamers have a “comprehensive understanding” of such industry issues. This puts them at risk of using unregulated operators and facing problems such as identity theft and transaction complications.

Case study: Analysis of consumer behaviour

The study, published by Ken Research and titled “Consumer Behaviour Analysis for Online Gambling Industry in India”, identified that more than a quarter of online gamblers in India face addiction issues. These challenges range from identity theft to complications in financial transactions. The research revealed that a lack of awareness about regulations and the risks associated with using unregulated operators is a serious concern.

To mitigate these risks, it is essential that the government and self-regulatory entities increase awareness efforts among players. Educational campaigns and training programs can help inform players about the dangers of illegal gambling. Additionally, they can teach you ways to protect yourself against fraud and other harmful activities. The best betting platforms also offer Responsible Gambling policies. An excellent example is 22Bet, which also publishes channels where to seek help in case of addiction.

The role of celebrities and influencers

Celebrities and influencers play a crucial role in shaping consumer behaviour. In India, where film and sports stars have enormous influence, their actions, and recommendations can have a significant impact. When these public figures promote illegal gambling operators, they not only legitimize these activities but also encourage their followers to participate.

The responsibility of celebrities when it comes to promoting products and services cannot be underestimated. The government and CCPA warning serves as a reminder that public figures should be cautious about what they promote. Promoting illegal operators not only puts consumers at risk, but can also result in serious legal consequences for the celebrities themselves.

Legal and social implications

The legal implications for celebrities who promote illegal gambling are significant. Under the Consumer Protection Act 2019, celebrities can face a range of penalties, including deactivation of social media accounts and criminal prosecution. Furthermore, promoting illegal activities can damage celebrities’ reputations, affecting their careers and public image.

From a social perspective, the promotion of illegal gambling can exacerbate issues such as gambling addiction, financial difficulties and mental health problems. The Indian government is particularly concerned about the social and economic consequences of online gambling. The promotion of illegal operators can increase the incidence of gambling-related concerns, placing additional pressure on health and social care systems.


The government of India is reinforcing its commitment to protecting consumers. Proof of this is the intensification of supervision over the promotion of offshore gambling operators. Furthermore, there is an effort to maintain the country’s financial and social integrity.

The responsibility of public figures in promoting products is an important topic. And the Indian government’s action highlights the need for integrity and caution in endorsing any activity.


Celebrities and influencers must now be aware of the severe consequences they can face when promoting illegal betting activities. But creating clear regulations and implementing awareness measures are still crucial steps to ensuring a safe gaming environment. Reliable platforms and bookmakers, such as 1xBet, are committed to informing their players about risks and any doubts.

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